Annamaria started her personal and artistic search in contemporary jewellery when she started her teaching at the “P. Selvatico” Institute of Fine Arts in 1987 in Padua. The Italian “Arte Povera” movement inspired her conceptual works from the beginning. Precious and “less precious” materials (broken glass, resin, copper, gold, plastics, enamels, wood and paints) are transformed into provocative shapes and signs. Surfaces are corroded; precious metals as well as poor materials are used, without considering their value.
As a poet who translates his emotions into words, spending all his power to find the perfect balance in poetry. The artist gives the adornment shape, color and functionality, using the lightest materials as plastic or steel fabric or pure pigments.
Her works are about the everyday lives of women, history of her own life. Just like pages from an autobiography, each piece stems from a different constructional arrangement like a continuous “metamorphosis”.
She won the Herbert Hofmann prize in Munich in 1997 and in 2006 and the Bayerischer Staatspreis Gold Medaille in 2002.
Her highly expressive works of art are in many of the most important Museum Collections in Europe and in the USA.


Annamaria Zanella, Brooch, 2020, GONDOLE, leather, gold
Annamaria Zanella, Brooch, 2020, BLUE ISLAND, silver, neoprene, vitreous enamel