A casual encounter with a master gemmologist and precious stone cutter sets him off on his personal journey of exploration in the art of working stones and metals. The geometrical shapes, transparencies, the superb ability in working precious stones like rock crystal, granites, jasper, etc. impressed Prof. Mario Pinton who, as head of the “Pietro Selvatico” Institute of Art, charges Renzo Pasquale with setting up an artistic laboratory of hardstone and semi-precious stones and also to teach this art to the students of the Institute.

His work reveals the transparencies of the material. The infinite variations of light that reflects through these jewels made of rock crystal or black, onyx, chrysophrase, agate, jasper, lapis, jade. Sculptures in form of a jewel that can be worn without conveying the impression of a redundancy of lines and volumes. Essentiality of design, concrete perceptions of thought of Euclidean beauty. Pondered geometries, meditation on the study of shape, equations of pure mathematics: all seem to dissolve in the emotional impact transmitted by these creations of his, that talk not so much of stone but speak a language of pure poetry and perfect equilibriums.

A portrait of time, a photographic shot engraved in quartz to look for new emotions that tell of personal abstract and metaphysical perceptions .

A set of landscapes of the life and soul that this artist transforms with the hard stone into delicate water colours that partly evoke the contrasting shades and ‘chiaroscuro ‘of the great Dutch painters of the seventeenth century.


Renzo Pasquale, Brooch, 2016, BAS-ALT, basalt, gold, silver
Renzo Pasquale, Ring, 2002, PIRAMIDE, gold, lapis lazuli
Renzo Pasquale, Ring, 2014, BLUE LINE, gold, lapis lazuli