Monica Cecchi

„In my work I usually use old tin can boxes. I collect and destroy them to create new and unique pieces. This material allows me to work with a wide range of colors, images and fonts on which scratches and bumps are superimposed. It is a light and sharp material, rather difficult to make wearable but this meticulous and patient work plays an important role in the creative process. I love to use a mixed language, where symbols, letters and colors are often organized in layers of meaning. I think that my job consists in to turn reality into something you can also smile about, with the aim of putting a little joy and irony on people’s bodies.“
Monica Cecchi


Monica Cecchi, Necklace, 2019, BOLLYWOOD, vintage tin
Monica Cecchi, Ring, 2019, K.A.N.T, vintage tin
Monica Cecchi, Necklace, 2019, I DON'T WANT TO BE MADEMOISELLE TAPISSERIE, vintage tin
MOnica Cecchi, 2019, Ring, VANITAS, vintage tin