"Mälk’s work immediately hums and vibrates energetically with all that is taboo or usually unspoken – themes of darkness, of feminine power, of decay, death, love, fear, selfloathing but perhaps most importantly the supernatural. For anyone with a perchance for the melancholic or darkly romantic the themes are particularly satisfying: angels and animals, starry night skies and gothic literature communicated in raw, sensual and unapologetic power plays. Mälk’s artworks illustrate these bonds that people have with jewelry, and how it becomes not only part of their psyche but envelops their soul."

From a catalog we dont´t know the author.


Kadri Mälk, Neckpiece, 2017, LIFE’S ICE RINKS, lepidomelanite, smoky quartz, jet, silver, black diamonds, haematite chain, spinel
Kadri Mälk, Neckpiece, 2020, HEKATE, paint, smoky quartz, black spinel, haematite chain