In dealing with weaving processes, their shape in the orthogonal entanglements and the underlying philosophy, I lead the thought to the Greek mythology of the weavers. The creation of textile fabrics was a metaphor for the creation of mental structures, stories and a design to look at the world. Here the thread becomes a symbol of words that lay down verbally and non-verbally - just as the word "text" is etymologically derived from the Latin "textus" like "woven". In the common sense, text and textil are the result of techniques that combine certain materials, processes and forms of thought into a structure and, as it were, depict an intellectual process or rhythm.

I make my own weaving frames, which provide an inner stabilizing structure through struts and embedded geometric figures and create an ornamentation pointing the way. Movable warp threads, from the technique of basket weaving, which are integrated at the same time, enable the weft thread to move flexibly through this landscape. Held at one end and guided by hand, the thread discovers its natural path and draws lines that meet again and again and create a structure. The threads stretch and condense and form island-like surfaces in a structure that can be experienced visually and haptically as a relief. No further thread of a different color or texture is necessary to support this.


Melanie Isverding, Pendant, 2019, SIMUL 2, ebony, silver, cotton, palladium
Melanie Isverding, Pendant, 2019, SIMUL 1, ebony, silver, cotton, palladium
Melanie Isverding, Brooch, 2019, NOS XXII (22), silver, silk
Melanie Isverding, Brooch, 2019, NOS XXI (21), glass, silver, silk