Peter Bauhuis, artist and author of several publication, made a name for himself as a goldsmith and caster. His own alloys with the simultaneous casting method he invented, are worldwide unique and made him famous all over the world. His surfaces appear alternately cloudy, undulating, and eruptive, the associations are limitless. Bauhuis knows his way around metal and its history, yet things still happen at his hands that cannot be planned, that defy explanation, that are at times inexpressibly strange. Driven by curiosity and the desire to experiment, the artist contemplates the fluid boundaries between something and nothing, between the shell and the hollow, between the visible and invisible. And his work certainly reveals a preference for thin walled dual forms.
Peter Bauhuis holds the Danner Prize of honor and was finalist of the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize in 2020.


Peter Bauhuis, Necklace, 2019, KETTEN UND BLUMEN, silver, copper alloy
Peter Bauhuis, Brooch, 2021, FLIES 364/28, gold 750
Peter Bauhuis, Object/Necklace, 2019, KETTEN UND BLUMEN, copper alloy
Peter Bauhuis, Vessels, 2019, SIMULTANEA, diverse alloys
Peter Bauhuis, Necklace, 2019, K20, silver